Importance of Mobile Applications in today’s era!


Mobile“!! Is it something that I need to describe you, or should I make you aware of its importance . Definitely not. Comparing mobile phones 10 years ago with today’s innovative mobile technology with high internet speed, better performance,  communication interface, We come to conclusion that there is upgradation in mobile technology. But what is that feature that lead to an increase in the number of mobile users? . “It is definitely mobile applications“.


The Change

No one would have ever thought of buying tickets over mobile phone, accessing internet over phone, transferring money from one city to another.Basic feature of phone was just to facilitate calling, but now along with calling,computing is also possible just because of applications. All thanks to app developers and application development companies.

Use of mobile apps can be compared to be the decorations on cake.Basic feature of mobile phone is to facilitate calling but with the advent of mobile apps, mobile has become enjoyable and fun.It has covered almost every aspect of individuals, whether setting alarm, making small documents, project related apps, fitness apps, sending and receiving emails. No one would have imagined that life would be so easy with simple clicks.


There are unlimited number of application covering wide areas.Presently, the use of mobile apps can be seen in areas such as communication, education, cooking, social media, shopping, business , matrimony, and banking. App developers are keeping their pace with the dynamic tastes of customers.Hence everyday new developers are emerging with their innovative and upgraded form of applications.Again thanks to these brilliant mind for making our life organized and smooth.

Apps like Skype, Telegram, Wechat, Facetime, WhatsApp, and Facebook are developed by Indian coders for facilitating communication with our family and loved ones.Prior to this emergence of apps, making skype calls were done through computers and laptops making it inconvenient comparatively and causing unnecessary expenses. It has made life of individuals more organized.

In Education

When comes to education, various education apps have been developed which is dear to many students and teachers. There are multiple benefits of these educational apps. One can take online lectures, download E-Books, E-library, education games etc. There are certain apps providing free services hence beneficial for those who lack quality education because of their poor financial condition.

In terms of banking or financial sectors

Apps have played a major role to ease monetary transactions. Various banking apps have been developed for carrying out banking related activities like transferring money, updating account, receiving money etc. One can pay for goods and services without cash. Earlier in 80s it was not possible. One has to go to bank for depositing, withdrawing,  transferring.  Thanks to these apps

Social media apps

One can use social media apps not just to connect with their family and loved ones  but can use it as a marketing tool to grab the attention of their customers.These mobile apps not just meant to be used in communication or business activities,but it can also be used during leisure activities.There are also reading apps that enable users to read their favorite, academic and other types of books on their mobile phone because it is deemed easier than going everywhere with heavy books.e.g LinkedIn

Therefore, it is un-doubtful that the industry of mobile app development is on the flourishing side especially with daily emergence of superior add developers and development companies that are willing and ready to provide the required satisfaction and needs of mobile apps users.

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