Gaming- An integral part of our lives.


Gaming has been an integral part of any culture. It invokes the stimuli of a person and makes him/her enthusiastic all of a sudden. It’s a kind of entertainment that everyone wants, whether it is indoor games, outdoor games or online games.That’s why it has been recognized globally and international games is conducted every year e.g. cricket, football, polo, rugby. But there are some stereotypes and false claims attached with it. Some consider it being reason for aggressive behaviour of youth leading to crimes.

An online discussion platform “Qutee” has invited different gamers seeking their opinion regarding influence of games on their lives, and the opinion will really “shock” you.

Qutee has released a report named “gaming and you“. Over 890 gamers were surveyed mostly between 18-34 years of age . Out of the many benefits of video games one is improvement in the mental health which is admitted by 40% of surveyed gamers . 95% of them denied that playing video games leads to violence and other antisocial behavior.This comes as a serious benefit for country like America  in which one out of 5 is being affected by mental problems.

Another benefit is making more friends.

Around two thirds of gamers admitted making friends through games sharing common interests. It is just like platform providing multiple benefits.People usually opt gaming during their leisure time.Playing a game provides a good icebreaker, common ground, and a way to spend time together.

Some of the cognitive benefits of playing games are:-

  • Improves coordination.
  • Improves problem-solving skills.
  • Enhances memory.
  • Improves attention and concentration.
  • It is a great source of learning.
  • Improves the brain’s speed.
  • Enhances multitasking skills.
  • Improves social skills.

It doesn’t mean that gaming  does not have any negative side, it has certain negative aspects like game addiction, but the voice of actual gamers should be heard rather than simply believing the critisizer who don’t  even play and just blame gaming for the violence that they see over news.


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